THERE ARE THOSE who scoff at the idea of dipping their bacon into the maple syrup that graces their waffles at breakfast—other unorthodox combinations, like, say, foie gras ice cream probably don’t appeal to them either. And then there are those who find the idea of anything sweet spiked with just about anything salty to be utterly alluring. If you fall into this latter category, then get thee to Simpatica for a breakfast of fried chicken and golden waffles, a similarly sweet-and-savory morning specialty that, depending on whom you talk to, hails from either Harlem or somewhere in the South. At Simpatica—a supper club and catering company that only serves brunch on Sundays—the dish comprises a thick and fluffy waffle topped with crispy fried chicken that was brined in buttermilk before hitting the hot oil. Forget asking for maple syrup (chances are good they won’t have any anyway). Most diners eat it with a sweet seasonal fruit sauce that adds just a nudge of complexity to the already perfect dish. —_CD_

This article appeared in the February 2008 issue of Portland Monthly.
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