Unlike Chuck Thompson (“Suck It,” November, about Oregon’s impending smoking ban), I like to smoke a cigarette once in a while. I also understand that my right to smoke is not to be confused with a right to fill the air of a public place with smelly, carcinogenic byproducts. Alcohol is not illegal; drinking and driving is. Get it, Chuck? Others will no doubt explain this more eloquently and at greater length, so let me be the one to simply call Thompson a misguided warrior against “pussification” who makes a really bad analogy in lieu of a good argument.

Southwest Portland

This past summer I purchased your magazine off the newsstand on two occasions. Enjoying those issues, I subscribed. Your Publisher’s Note, “High Five,” in the October issue has made me question that decision. My family and I were disturbed and offended by the profanity in the note. There is no need for that, and I hope you will keep such language from being part of your publication going forward.


I’m a subscriber because I love your restaurant listings. I think it would be great if you added the nearest transit stop name to your listings in addition to the restaurant’s address. I just returned from Madrid, and all the city guides there provide this. Since Portland has a terrific transit system, why not provide that orientation? It would be very helpful to travelers, would help encourage transit use, and would provide some identity for the area around each station. I also would suggest organizing restaurants by neighborhood instead of by type of food.

Eugene, Oregon

Thank you for your article on the alternative art space Disjecta (“Long Way Home,” October). I just moved here from San
Francisco and am so pleased to see this type of focus in your magazine.

However, I think it was an oversight not to give credit in the photos to the artist Diane Jacobs. Her work—and the work of other artists—gives reason for the existence of organizations like Disjecta.

Camas, Washington

In the November Bottomline article, “Double Duty,” the price of membership to join Mamapreneurs Inc was misstated. The correct amount is $75 per year.

In the same issue’s Light A Fire package (“The Givers”), the website of Red Dress PDX was listed incorrectly. It is

This article appeared in the December 2008 issue of Portland Monthly.
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