If a closet full of black, gray, and neutral shades gives you the blues (especially after months of a similarly hued sky), strategic strokes of color can see you through spring. Color therapists believe warm tones like red, orange, and yellow help with focus. Blue and violet are said to create calmness, while indigo heightens imagination and intuition. Green represents harmony, bridging the warm and cool sides of the color wheel. “Bright accessories are fun—they don’t ask to be taken seriously,” says Tara Connor, assistant buyer at Sloan Boutique at NW 23rd Avenue and Johnson Street. “The more saturated the color, the less you should use.”

Try pairing a candy-apple clutch with a navy pencil skirt, or tucking a sunny yellow square into the pocket of a gray suit. Even hidden color may lift your mood—so say yes to the red undies or the orange socks. The post-winter flair may, well, tickle you pink.

This article appeared in the May 2009 issue of Portland Monthly.
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