Talk about epic. For just the fourth time in its storied history, Timberline is opening its lower lifts for pre-Halloween turns. Pucci, Bruno’s, and Molly’s are running as of today. And the road up to the lodge is sporting a fresh coat of sand, making it even easier to scare up some turns. Of course, since it’s Halloween on Sunday, the sight of Timberline’s exterior, made famous in The Shining, will no doubt inspire the following phrase: “Here’s Johnny!” Let’s keep your axe at home, though.

Tour of Untimely Departures
So, you’ve already wandered through the Pumpkin Patch and the Corn Maze. But what would Halloween be without getting the heebie jeebies in a graveyard? Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery has got the creep factor covered. As Portland’s oldest (and largest) bone yard its the perfect setting for the Tour of Untimely Departures. This Sunday night, follow a guide on a candle lit excursion to a choice selection of headstones and grave sites here to learn the circumstances behind a few of the resident’s demises.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack
If George Romero has it right, and the Zombie Apocalypse finally does come to pass, you’ll probably be glad you took time to register for the Wilderness Medicine Institute’s first aid class. The two-day course, which is put on with the help of the Clackamas REI, will bone up your medical know-how with hands-on scenarios about what do in case of a traumatic emergency. Straight from the course manual: Do not attempt mouth-to-mouth with the undead.

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