Q: What kind of recreational opportunities are there in Lake Oswego around the lake itself?

A: Oswego Lake, a 405-acre lake in the heart of Lake Oswego, is the backdrop for leisure in the area. There are 573 acres of parks throughout Lake Oswego with miles of bike paths and walking trails as well as community centers, tennis courts, picnic shelters and much more.

The Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department offers numerous activities for people of all ages, including gardening, golfing and tennis.

Additionally, there are two public swimming facilities right along the lake front, a self-financed 18-hole golf course, indoor tennis center, and outdoor amphitheater right along the river.

Lake Oswego has reclaimed its industrial waterfront, turning it into a series of riverside parks. There are many walking tours that take you through the history of Lake Oswego from the memory of a once gritty mining town to our now booming Millennium Plaza Park with its view of Lakewood Bay and adjoining shops and restaurants.

Lake Oswego has something for everyone, in and around the lake.

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