Q: What are some reasons, specifically in this market, that would make you choose new construction?

A: There are numerous reasons to choose new construction and right now—in this economy—the reasons are countless.

First, hardly any new homes have been built in the past three years so supply is limited, which means that when demand goes up in a few years the value is going to go up as well.

Second, the lot prices have come way down as well as construction costs. So, you can get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to size, style and amenities, especially for the price you are paying. There is a huge amount of competition between builders so the margins are smaller, which as a homebuyer is to your benefit.

Third, it’s hard to find exactly what you are looking for in an existing home. With all of the great lots to choose from you can build your dream house and there are some fabulous financing opportunities we can go over specifically for new construction. Some builders will even carry the cost of financing until the home is complete!

Basically, the ball is in your court: you can have it all, which won’t be the case forever. I recommend at least looking into the opportunity.

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