Q: We are new to Portland and are looking to purchase a house close in Northeast. What, in your opinion, are some of the real upsides of the neighborhood?

A: Northeast Portland has some huge benefits for someone moving to Portland! It has all of the amenities of an urban area with a fantastic neighborhood feel. The proximity to downtown allows you to take advantage of everything a major metropolitan city has to offer while still enjoying the residential mentality. For example, the Pearl District, one of the keystones to Portland, is only a short trek across the Broadway Bridge.

Northeast has superb access to public transportation. The MAX train runs right through with contact to every part of the surrounding metropolitan area. However, many locals choose to bike to work and indulge in the “walk-ability” of neighborhoods such as Broadway, Beaumont and Alberta Arts. Broadway is one of my favorite streets to walk down: the shops, local cafés, boutique bars—it has an eclectic quality that draws people from all over Portland to its sidewalks. Throughout all of Northeast there is an excess of well-renowned restaurants, coffee shops and public parks to explore. There is something new to discover each day.

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