Q: How will Measures 66 and 67 affect our school system?

A: Portland schools have consistently been in the top echelon in the nation for school quality and school options. Big, small, charter, magnet, art-oriented, religious-based, special needs, TAG (talented and gifted), language immersion, private, public, high-tech, athletic—you name it, we do it to the nines. We have the depth and breadth in all arenas. We are the envy of other states in terms of the ranking and performance of our students. A perusal down the list of colleges our children get accepted into is like a who’s who of the brilliant and elite—impressive to the Bill Gates of the world.

Personally, I can speak to Lake Oswego, Riverdale and Portland School Districts. What schools don’t these kids get into? There’s Stanford, USC, Bryn Mawr, Cornell, University of Chicago, George Washington, Georgetown, Santa Clara, University of California at Everywhere, Notre Dame, University of Denver, University of Washington and of course our own great local state schools that out-of-staters strive to get into. You name it—our kids are on the list.

Education has long been the pride of Portland and the pride of Oregon at large. So why did Measures 66 and 67 pass by Oregonians passionate about education?

The largely-funded and well-marketed “yes” campaign impressed Oregonian voters and never mentioned what impact it would have on our kids or our schools.

Will the money voters thought they were giving to schools ever make it to the classroom?
Ask your representative.
Ask your school.

It passed and Lake Oswego School District is cutting 16 teachers…
One has to ponder… where is the money really going?

Good schools have a direct correlation to property values and livability. Clean air, beautiful landscape, great restaurants, etc. make for an attractive lifestyle. But those things in and of themselves do not educate our children nor pay our bills.

Approximately 2% of Oregonians pay 50% or more of the tax burden – how can that equate to a healthy economic environment? How can this work long term? The health and vitality that has so defined excellence in Oregon needs to stay intact. It is why we relocated our family of four children here some 16 years ago!

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