Pearl District ceviche-heaven Andina will partner with Portland-based non-profit Mejor Communities to host the organization’s third annual benefit dinner and silent auction on Monday May 17th at 6:30pm. For a measly $60, enjoy a cocktail, an ample spread of Peruvian tapas, and a procession of South American wines. The mission of Mejor Communities is to improve the quality of life for Peruvian youth through education and health care initiatives, and the objective of Andina is to showcase Peru’s colorful cuisine that’s reflective of the country’s Andean, Spanish, Basque, Afro-Caribean, and Asian influences. The silent auction will feature hand-woven Peruvian tapestries, wine, and fine art. For reservations, please contact Katie Masferrer at Mejor at 503-946-8567. For more information on Mejor’s work in Peru, please visit

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