Shonen Knife: “I wanna go to the cookie shop!”
You: “I wanna go see Shonen Knife!”

Shonen Knife
This all-girl Japanese band made a transcontinental splash in the 90’s with their rockin’ pop sensibilities, their matching outfits, and their unique choice of subject matter: almost all their songs are about their favorite foods. Food may come and go, but the novelty of Shonen Knife songs has a strangely long shelf-life.

The Smashing Pumpkins
While we’re on the themes of "90’s" and "food," we’d be remiss not to mention Billy Corgan’s vaunted gourd, which spawned several dark and shimmering hit singles, as well as some of the most potent aphorisms of our age. Time to check back in and find out: Is Corgan still just a rat in a cage?

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