With its serene palette of grays, browns, and creams, and its coolly contemporary look, this Lake Oswego home’s new master suite is a far cry from its pre-renovated self. When designers Arielle and Travis Weedman of local design firm Compressed Pattern first saw the project, it was a badly jumbled mess of misplaced closets, tiny rooms, and an unnecessary hallway. Walking up to the master bedroom, a hot tub room sat at the top of the stairs. Rarely used, the space smelled like chlorine and the badly insulated windows meant the view was always obscured by steam. The bedroom was accessed off this hot tub room, through a tight hallway with closets on both sides, and painted a blue that can only kindly be described as vibrant, with a thin, stained, white carpet on the floor. The bathroom was similarly sad, with pink and beige tile and bubble glass instead of windows.

The homeowners, a busy corporate lawyer and pilot, came to the Weedmans asking for a an urban retreat—a place where they could go at the end of their hectic days to read, watch TV, and relax in front of the fireplace. Their only specific requests were that they each had a closet, that the toilet have its own room, and that there was a separate tub and a shower.

The designers happily obliged, opening up the area and “exploding it all into one big space,” says Arielle. The hot tub was taken out, all the random doors and windows were knocked down, and the view that used to only be seen from the hot tub is now a wall of windows that the bedroom overlooks, with expansive French doors to the side that lead onto a deck. The result? “Everything is seamless and light,” Arielle says.

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