THE CLASS The Dill Pickle Club, a grassroots-y history think tank, hosts a discussion of Voices of Portland, a ’70s-era oral history of neighborhood change. The book is the third in a series of four Dill Pickle reprints of long-vanished local works.

MEET YOUR PROFESSOR Voices editor Christine Ermenc will lead a discussion and present recorded audio from the original interviews.

THE SYLLABUS Ermenc’s book recalls the most legendary period of Portland’s urban revival: before Irvington was “historic”; when activists and political players laid the foundation for today’s bike lanes and urban growth boundary; and when the feds funded oral history projects. The book also provides glimpses of neighborhoods from Sellwood to long-gone Vanport.

THE STUDENT BODY Dill Pickle’s Marc Moscato says the book and talk appeal to “anyone seeking context for the place they currently live.” 

This article appeared in the May 2011 issue of Portland Monthly.
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