Recently, the two weekends of "Portland Open Studios" gave us a chance to see how and where artists work, at homeShyama Helin, Kindra Crick, Lynne Patton and Suzy Kitman were some of the artists who have transformed part of their home into a studio for creating their painting and other visual art. They and about 90 other local artists pulled back the curtain on their sometimes secret methods the weekends of October 13-14 and 20-21 this year, in the fourteenth annual Portland Open Studios tour. 

Not every artist has her own studio space, of course. As any child (or parent) knows, art can be created at the dining room table, or on the floor (or even on the living room walls, in spontaneous crayon expressions).  And many artists have their studio away from home – think of the iconic image of the scruffy, starving artist in his high-ceilinged, drafty warehouse loft. But a home studio is often optimal. Here's a Slide Show tour through the workspaces of a few artists who work at home, and who welcomed Portland art lovers during the recent open studios.

Kindra Click also was the recipient of the Shelley Hershberger Service Award, for her above-and-beyond volunteer efforts as artist, board member and Tour Guide editor over the past several years.


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