NYC transplant Eliza Harrison went cinematic for Hello Eliza’s fall collection, citing brash influences like A Clockwork Orange,The Warriors, and Drive. “You take something that’s over the line and push it even further,” the 33-year-old designer










 Vancouver, British Columbia’s Chabad Lubavitch Foundation wanted to transform a nondescript office building into a community center. Architecture Building Culture, a firm split between Portland and Vancouver, turned the low-ceilinged main level into a bright, inviting reception hall for the Orthodox Jewish movement in fall 2012. Next: a mikveh, or serene ritual bathing facility, carved out of a drab parking level. 



 Schoolhouse Electric’s Hero Medals reproduce vintage track awards, but could whimsically mark any achievement. “With three kids and a fulltime job, I feel like I am running a steeplechase,” says Schoolhouse’s Michelle Steinback, who found the originals on Etsy. “And yes, I want a medal.” $20


“I’m like Casper the Ghost. No one ever sees me at the same old estate sales. I have my own method. I buy stuff off front porches, back porches, backyards. I knock on farm doors. I buy whole warehouses before anyone knows they’re there. I’m a junker. I wear Carhartts, and not because they’re cool.” —Grant Michael, whose Industrial Antiques and Oddities shop recently expanded its inner Southeast HQ. 109 SE Salmon St, 971-322-4514   


Teas, bath salts, and elixirs from Valentina’s aim for “little rituals in everyday life.” The lightly New Age brand has charmed its way into almost 100 stores.  

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