Hey leg!! Get back in that dress where you belong, you weren’t invited to the Oscars she was.

P.S You look ridiculous

Image: Getty Images

Sunday night was abuzz in Tinsel Town. Borat dumped fake ashes on Ryan Seacrest (while half of the world secretly cheered), Billy Crystal returned to the stage for some lukewarm entertainment and I realized I made a massive mistake in skipping Hugo since it won half the awards.

On the red carpet we saw some really good things (thanks Mila Jovavich) and some really bad (Nancy O’Dell do you need some attention?). But most importantly, we were introduced to the It Girl of the night, Angelina’s Jolie’s leg. That sucker managed to poke out of her dress at very possible opportunity and even opened itself a Twitter account. It also gave us one more reason to see Angelina, think she’s beautiful and then find something that irks us.

Sigh… Sometimes consistency feels good.

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