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Escape From New York

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Escape From New York does it Big Apple–style, with attitude as formidable as the house crust. A good first stop for tourists: baseball-broad Canadian bacon stacked with a Chrysler Building of toppings.

Flying Pie

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Southeast’s venerable Flying Pie builds the palazzo of all stuffed pizzas, the Florentia: a warm, gooey blanket of mozz and roasted red peppers with ricotta, spinach, onions, and black olives nestled inside. The hand-twisted crust doubles as a breadstick.

American Dream

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American Dream started in 1985—giving it almost as much longevity as the crooners celebrated in its Rat Pack Special (pepperoni, beef, mushrooms, olives, and extra cheese).


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Sometimes, simplicity and balance conquer all: witness the Zen perfection of Vincente’s sweetly sauced (but perfectly spicy), crispy (but still doughy) cheese slice.


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Nicola’s piles its house special with salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, a few requisite veggies, and cheese. (Somewhere under all of that, there is a crust. There must be.)


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Pizza-A-Go-Go’s sizable veggie slice on a New York–style crust keeps the toppings bonanza where it belongs: on the slice. The best part? Chipotle tomato sauce.

Pizza Schmizza

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Sour cream? On pizza? With the neo-rustic Ol’ Hickory—smoked bacon, baby red potatoes, Roma tomatoes— Pizza Schmizza hollers, “Heck, yeah!”

Hot Lips

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Locally grown, organic ingredients makes eco-friendly Hot Lips flavor bombs like Omnivore Bliss (pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, onions, black olives, mushrooms, garlic) taste even better. 

Bella Faccia

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Bella Faccia sprinkles the Way-Back Machine with feta cheese atop spinach, roasted peppers, and a mozzarella and tomato-sauce base to complete a fantastically floppy, not-too-greasy veggie masterpiece.

Mi Famiglia’s

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That extra zip detected in a nibble of Oregon City favorite Mi Famiglia’s addictive, wood-fired pizza crust? Cinnamon. That’s right. Cinnamon.

Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza

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If the spicy, pepper-flecked marinara at Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza doesn’t get your attention, the complete dismissal of accepted pizza-cutting norm will: Eddie’s defiantly slices its round pies like a checkerboard, resulting in crustless center pieces full of molten cheese and meat.


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Two decades of pizza-by-the-slice heritage means Pizzicato has perfected the classic pepperoni, with Parmesan and a house herb blend on crust famously made from Pendleton-grown wheat.

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