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We all could develop serious Austin envy, what with Google building high-speed Internet there and Kim Jong Un vowing to wipe the city (but why not Portland?!) off the map.



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A survey revealed Portland’s Tin House as the most female-fiction-friendly of the nation’s highbrow mags, printing more stories by women and more reviews of their work.



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Real World Portland’s abysmal ratings suggest a statistical oddity: there may have been more self-righteous Portlanders bragging about not watching the show than Americans actually watching it.



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Meanwhile, the real world (specifically, Gladstone) offered a possible premise for a much more exciting reality show, as two brave goats battled rampaging coyotes—and lived!




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The absence of US sailors from Old Town’s bars during this month’s Fleet Week could give the Canadian Navy its greatest “strategic opportunity” since World War II. 

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