Microbe-generated power

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Widmer Brothers’ plans to use microbes to generate power from brewery wastewater should terrify the Saudis and Exxon alike.





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Overheard at downtown’s Courier Coffee: “Frances McDormand and Joel Coen sniffed our cotton-candy-scented Katy Perry record!” (?)





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Gilt Club offers ortolan, the notorious (now illegal) French dish that consists of whole tiny songbirds, recommends a $1,500 cognac pairing ... but sadly always seems to be out of stock.  





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Reports of a cheap-beer price spike suggest that a six-pack of Pabst purchased today might outperform leading bond indices over the next year.





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The recent headline “Possible Cougar Sightings in Lake Oswego” may not have surprised the ritzy suburb’s muscular, youthful male service-industry workers.

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