Sandy River Delta

In the September issue of Portland Monthly, Tripster readers will:

◊ Pack up the car, cue the road tunes, and seek the simple pleasure of the region's edible bounty with our guide to the best Northwest culinary road trips.

◊ Satisfy their coastal cravings at the best seaside spots on the Oregon Coast seafood circuit.

◊ Sip their way through Southern Oregon’s wild wine country, featuring 18 wineries within 20 miles.

◊ Embark on a Columbia River nostalgia tour, complete with serene waterfalls and throw-back pit stops.

◊ Turn their next weekend getaway into a pastoral working vacation at one of Oregon’s best farm stays.

◊ Splurge on nine decadent courses at the Herbfarm, Woodinville’s temple of microseasonal dining.

◊ Visit the backbone of Washington’s fruit industry with a culinary road trip to Wenatchee.

◊ Hike to a retired fire lookout atop Devils Peaks and enjoy towering firs, leafy rhododendrons, and huckleberry patches along the way.

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