Here's a for-the-people wine idea we can get behind: At Jeffrey Weissler's laid-back bottle shop and wine tasting space Pairings Portland, a few hand-labeled shelves house a selection of wines ready to pair perfectly with take-out fare from neighboring eateries (with a focus on micro-restaurant row The Ocean across the street).

From Pambiche and Pie Spot to Uno Mas and Slowburger, Weissler applies his tried-and-true food pairing principles to nearby restaurants. Think of it as a neighborhood wine list without the mark-ups—refreshing Southern Oregon rosé from Quady North matched to Tails and Trotter's porkstrami on rye, or a wallet-friendly Chianti side-by-side with a juicy Slowburger and onion rings.

The cozy shop can also serve as an informal dining room: a printed sign in the window declares: "Grab food from across the street and we've got the wine! All good to bring in food from our awesome neighbors." Interested tipplers with take-out in tow can either purchase a pre-paired bottle or select from daily by-the-glass offerings from the always-changing blackboard of specials.

The Local Eats shelves are just a taste of Weissler's irreverent approach to pairings. Other selections are primed to match categories of nosh like "Potato Chips, Popcorn, French Fries," pub fare, and Chinese food. Pairings Portland also hosts regular events, tasting classes, and dance parties. Follow the shop online to keep up with their calendar, or simply stop in to chat with Weissler, take-out bag in hand.

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