You prefer...Vodka?

Stiff: At Bar Dobre, knock back “Traditional Polish Cocktails” (vodka on ice). $6–13

Classic: There’s nothing quite like a pre-steak martini at Laurelhurst Market. $9–10

Crafty: Meet Whey Bar’s Dirty Grandma Agnes: a pint of martini with house-made pickle juice, served from a mason jar. $10


Stiff: Taste your way through the 30-plus item “Whisky Club” (in multiple sittings) at Southeast dive Brooklyn Park Pub, and get a brown-liquor discount for life.

Classic: The old-fashioned at Clyde Common from cocktail king Jeffrey Morgenthaler rules all. $7–12

Crafty: Go global with “The Whiskey” at Barwares, made with lemon, rye, and North Indian–inspired garam masala syrup. $8


Stiff: Guzzle an eight-ounce Monarch G&T from the heavy-handed crew at Viet-dive Yen Ha—one is enough. “A few dollars”

Classic: Happiness is a negroni from the Campari champs at Nostrana. $8

Crafty: Teardrop Lounge brews up the Hop on Top, a house blend of gin, grapefruit, egg whites, and “hops tincture.” $9


Stiff: Tiki old-timer the Alibi’s Bahamas Mama brims with coconut and white rum, fruit juices, and grenadine, all topped with a wee umbrella. $6.50

Classic: The secret to Rum Club’s pitch-
perfect daiquiri? A few bold drops of absinthe. $8

Crafty: Tipple a Mai Tai IPA (a bitter, hoppy variant) from Hop & Vine’s beer-cocktail whiz Jacob Grier. $10


Stiff: Behold Bunk Bar’s Iceberg: a pint of Rainier with a frozen margarita slushy float. $6

Classic: Why mess with tart, on-the-rocks perfection? Taqueria Nueve’s beloved blanco agave margarita has returned. $7

Crafty: Oven and Shaker’s anejo manhattan subs tequila for rye and a cherry wrapped in mole salami for garnish. $14

This article appeared in the February 2014 issue of Portland Monthly.
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