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Arts News

Portland Art Museum Announces New $75 Million Rothko Pavilion

Named after the Portland's most famous artistic son, the new glass-walled structure will connect PAM's two buildings.

  • By Webb Wright
  • Published 10/06/2016

Visual Art

Portland Breast Cancer Survivors Lend Their Bodies for Art

Local artists create work from the casts of cancer survivors for a new downtown exhibit.

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 09/29/2016

Body Talk

Claybia Workshops Offer Healing, Self-Acceptance, and a Heck of a Conversation Piece

Come for the amazing pun, stay for the body positivity and arts & crafts time. (NSFW?)

  • By Molly Woodstock
  • Published 09/22/2016

Local Design

Get a Load of Portland’s Most Lavish Wall Art

Custom-painted Rorschach inkblots to fanciful barn owls, forget all your ideas about fusty wallpaper.

  • By Heather V. Keeling and Kelly Clarke
  • Published 09/21/2016

Meet Your Maker

Portlander Kurt Mottweiler Crafts Crazy-Cool Analog Cameras

Gizmodo likens his work to “mysterious nautical equipment.”

  • By Rebecca Jacobson
  • Published 09/21/2016

Meet Your Maker

Fine Art to Adult Coloring Books, Portlander Lisa Congdon Makes Her Own Business Model

“If you want to make a living as an artist, you have to do a lot of everything.”

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 09/21/2016

Classical Music

The Oregon Symphony Mashes Up Hungarian Opera and Chihuly's Glass Art

Bluebeard's Castle kicks off the new SoundSights series, which mixes classical music with work by Northwest visual artists.

  • By Rebecca Jacobson
  • Published 09/20/2016

The Essentials

Blind Pilot + Weird Portland Stories: October’s Pop Culture Hot List

The book, gallery show, and concerts you can’t miss this month

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 09/13/2016

Sodium Sculptures

Is Baker City Home to the World's Weirdest Art Show?

For a decade, Eastern Oregon's Great Salt Lick Contest has auctioned off surreal sculptural blocks of livestock-gnawed sodium. It's goofy—but is it also art?

  • By Marisa Russell
  • Published 09/06/2016

Fall Arts 2016

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art Finally Has a Home of Its Own

The city’s premier avant-garde arts organization prepares for the 14th annual Time-Based Art Festival—and a new era in a new space.

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 08/15/2016


The Five Best Portland Catstagrams

No surprise, Portland's cat Instagramming game is elite.

  • By Amy Martin
  • Published 08/08/2016


Teletubby Riot Police and Razor-Blade Doughnuts: This Is Freedom

Artist Josh Kline brings his immersive dystopia to Portland.

  • By Rebecca Jacobson
  • Published 07/20/2016

Let's Talk Selfies

Salad and AstroTurf: an Indoor Picnic about Selfie Culture

Is there more to selfies than vanity? Portland artist Leslie Vigeant opens it up to debate.

  • By Rebecca Jacobson
  • Published 07/14/2016


How Two Portlanders Turn Interior Design into Mind-Bending Art Projects

Artists Trish Grantham and Michael Paulus create striking, one-of-a-kind painted interiors across the city.

  • By Heather V. Keeling
  • Published 07/12/2016


This Exhibit Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know about Oregon Art Right Now

The Portland Biennial is on fire.

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 06/13/2016


What Does Childhood Look Like as It Passes?

Oregon photographer Blake Andrews captures the fleeting rush of childhood in a new exhibit at Blue Sky.

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 06/09/2016


Portland Designer Resurrects Painted "Ghost Signs" of Advertising's Past

Turn-of-the-century advertisements get new life.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 06/07/2016


Native American Fashion Design Shines in a Landmark Exhibit

The Pacific Northwest has a strong presence in the traveling show, on at the Portland Art Museum.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 05/19/2016


Our Newest MAX Line Is an Art Gallery on Rails

And it’s got us seeing orange.

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 04/22/2016


Portlander Matt Hall Collects Dead Animals for Art

It’s not as creepy as you might think.

  • By Jack Rushall
  • Published 04/20/2016
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