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Portland Timbers with Multinational Loyalties

Some Portland soccer pros salute several flags.

  • By Marty Patail and Zach Dundas
  • Published 02/21/2013


The Straight Blast Philosophy

Matt Thornton has a skeptic's approach to fighting—and life.

  • By Shane Danaher
  • Published 11/21/2012

Web Exclusive

Video: Behind the Scenes at Portland Meadows

We sent acclaimed Portland filmmaker Vanessa Renwick to the track, for a glimpse inside the lives and passions of the people (and animals) who make their lives at Oregon's only major horse racing venue.

  • Published 10/23/2012

Long Story [Short]

The Defender

Chelsea Putnam is flying high in Ultimate Frisbee.

  • By Roxanne Myslewski
  • Published 10/18/2012


The Most Hated Trail Blazers Opponents of All Time

Which NBA teams and players do Portland Trail Blazers fans hate the most?

  • By Martin Patail
  • Published 10/16/2012


Slide Show: A Day at the Track

  • Published 10/12/2012


Portland Meadows: The Jockeys

  • Published 10/12/2012


Portland Meadows Gambles on a Comeback

Our local track tries to save horse-racing—and itself—with a bold marketing strategy

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 10/11/2012

Portland Timbers


Timbers forward Kris Boyd is a full-scale celebrity—at least in his native Scotland, where tabloids track his every move.

  • By Martin Patail
  • Published 09/21/2012

Scene & Heard

Protect & Serve

WHERE: A typical match in Greater Portland City League Tennis, where the competition (on and off the court) can be fierce.

  • By Michaela Bancud
  • Published 09/21/2012


PDX Index: Football!

  • Published 08/25/2012


PDX Index: Football!

  • By Laura Lundberg and John Murray
  • Published 08/23/2012


Razor Sharp

Olympic fencer Mariel Zagunis drops her guard to talk about gold medals, swords, and surviving the opening ceremonies.

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 08/17/2012


On the Rebound

Trail Blazers center Greg Oden dishes on karaoke, Star Wars, and fanatic fans. And (oh, yeah) basketball.

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 08/15/2012


Ring Leader

Milwaukie High School alum and gold-medal hopeful Kelsey Campbell battled her way through nine years of obstacles to make the Olympic wrestling team.

  • By Jill Davis
  • Published 07/18/2012

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Kite Rider

A local daredevil shines the spotlight on kitesurfing and watches the sport take off.

  • By Christopher Van Tilburg
  • Published 05/25/2012


Odes to Crash

The most poetic Trail Blazer is no longer in Portland, but the verse lives on.

  • Published 03/23/2012


Kick Starters

National pundits weigh in on the Portland Timbers' prospects this season.

  • By Martin Patail and Zach Dundas
  • Published 02/24/2012


PDX Index: March Madness

Go inside the numbers of March Madness. Who knows, it may improve your chances in the office pool.

  • By Will Lambeth and Zach Dundas
  • Published 02/23/2012


Word on the Street: a Portland Glossary

Do you have the fortitude to stay relatively sober during the Super Bowl?

  • Published 01/26/2012
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