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Brew Pub, Distillery

Founders Lee Medoff and Christian Krogstad met as brewmasters at McMenamins, but their love of booze went beyond barley and hops. In 2002, the pair founded House Spirits. Medoyeff Vodka was their first creation; two years later, the duo createdt he wildly popular Aviation gin.

House maintains a cocktail boutique adjacent to its distillery. Lined with bottles and beakers of the newest concotions, the “apothecary” offers samples of everything from grappa to ouzo to absinthe, as well as House’s regular vodka, gin, and aquavit. In the “Whisk(e)y Your Way” program, customers can make their own whiskey, working with a distiller to choose everything from the grains to the barrel. And House’s “recession-proof mixology program” runs every Wednesday night, when the House guys guest-bartend at local restaurants.

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