Ramen Rave

Launched just last fall, Boke Bowl has become a wildly popular noodle craze. Find out where the next monthly, “pop-up” restaurant will be.

03/10/2011 By Karen Brooks

Eat Here Now

The Big Egg

The Big Egg serves up some meticulously handcrafted breakfast sandwiches with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

03/10/2011 By Karen Brooks

Holiday Hedonism

Irish Itinerary

St Paddy’s Day diversions

03/10/2011 By John Chandler


Test Your Nettle

Chef Ben Meyer at Grain & Gristle cooks simple, unassuming, and delicious dishes, including the adventurous creamed nettles on brioche.

03/09/2011 By Deena Prichep


Cellar Notes

A look at the nebbiolo, a red wine from the Piedmont region in the northwestern corner of Italy.

03/09/2011 By Condé Cox


Spirited Away

Stone Barn Brandyworks in Southeast Portland concocts some creative and delicious brandies and spirits. Some notable inventions are the Eastside Ouzo, Unoaked Rye Whiskey, and Red Wing Coffee Liqueur.

03/09/2011 By Deena Prichep

Eat This Now

Tastebud’s Best-Kept Secret: Wood-Fired Birds, Butter, and Biscuits

Once a week, a SE Portland pizza house transforms its menu into a farmhouse feast.

03/09/2011 By Karen Brooks

Sweet Stuff

The Quest for the Quintessential Doughnut

Forget frou-frou—we scoured the city in search of the simple circles, logs, and mounds of sugar-injected pastry that make us feel like a kid again.

03/09/2011 By Anna Sachse

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Report

Underwhelmed at Breken Kitchen

03/08/2011 By Jonathan S Banasky

Eat This Now

Where the Wild Things Are

Southeast Portland’s new Over the Top food cart cooks up a big buck hunter’s dream with elk, bison, venison, and boar.

03/08/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


5 questions for: many wonders woman, JENN LOUIS

The cook, caterer & new tavern creator makes us feel hungry, thirsty, and unintentionally guilty about how little we do.

03/07/2011 By Anna Sachse

Beer Bulletin

Long Live the Kingpin!

The Bar Pilot is seeing red

03/04/2011 By John Chandler

Product Placement

Uncork the Pork

Bakon Vodka beckons

03/02/2011 By John Chandler

Cheap Eats

The Best Mex this Side of the ’Burbs

La Bonita opens a second outpost, bringing burly, budget-friendly burritos and more to North Portland.

03/02/2011 By Anna Sachse

Eat This Now

Vegetarian Swank, At Last

Genoa and Beast set a welcome new table for meat-free eating.

03/02/2011 By Karen Brooks

New Bars

Gather Darkness

The Lovecraft is a weird watering hole—and we love it.

02/28/2011 By John Chandler

Product plea

Me Want!

My birthday is in two months

02/24/2011 By John Chandler