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An Evening at Thomas Lauderdale's Loft

Sneak a peek inside the Pink Martini bandleader's legendary party palace with our exclusive video.

  • By Molly Woodstock
  • Published 10/11/2013
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How to Get Rid of Your Lawn

Ditch the grass in favor of garden beds and flowers—without breaking your back

  • By Kate Bryant
  • Published 10/01/2013
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Welcome to Lookbook!

Our new blog dives into home, fashion, spaces, products, ideas, and more.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 09/30/2013
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5 Reasons to Love Sellwood Soap Company

Why Rachael Gruen's handmade natural soap company has something for everyone—with the science to back it up

  • By Molly Woodstock and Allison Jones
  • Published 09/24/2013
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Breeding Seeds Worth Saving

How the Culinary Breeding Network is bringing chef- and-farmer selected pepper varieties to the table—plus a recipe for making the most of your pepper harvest at home.

  • By Margarett Waterbury
  • Published 09/24/2013
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Make the Most of the Tomato Boom

2013's substantial summer signaled success for tomato plants in home garden plots around Portland. Now that the harvest is peaking, it's time to make panzanella!

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 09/17/2013
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The Sunny Side of Lasagna

In Put an Egg on It, local cookbook author Lara Ferroni takes the humble egg to the next level.

  • By Roxanne Davis
  • Published 09/12/2013
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5 Multifunctional Coffee Spots

CDExD’s new floral-interiors-espresso space is the latest in growing trend of combination coffee shops and… something else.

  • By Molly Woodstock
  • Published 09/05/2013
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2013 Tomato Tasting Festival

Dennis' Seven Dees 9th annual free Tomato Tasting Festival will showcase over 50 varieties—plus expert advice for next year's growing season.

  • By Allison Jones
  • Published 09/05/2013
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Slide Show: Inside Christopher David Experience Design

CDExD’s new floral-interiors-espresso space indulges the senses with steaming espresso, fresh flowers, and vibrant visual splendor. Sneak a peek at the creative cafe with this slide show!

  • Published 09/05/2013
Displaying articles 91 - 100 of 1379 in total