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5 Crucial Tips for Portland Eco-Remodelers

From picking the right contractor to handling VOCs to the best local suppliers, the builder behind the city's first LEED-certified home renovation tells all.

  • By Mike Spina
  • Published 03/13/2015
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One Oregon Woman is Transforming the Architecture Industry

Designer Kathy Shaloo Berg is a leadership role model—and the lone woman at the top tier at ZGF Architects' Portland hub

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 03/02/2015
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Reimagining Modern Loft Living

A local architect brings three generations closer together in a Pearl District penthouse.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 02/25/2015
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Defying Gravity with Ergonomic Twists on the Office Chair

Ergo Depot explores intriguing new versions of the everyday seat.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 01/05/2015
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How Urban Timberworks Turns Fallen Trees into Legacy Furniture

Homeowners with damaged or diseased trees can call the experts to let their beloved limbs live a second life.

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 12/01/2014
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Sustainability Meets Idiosyncrasy in a Modern Spin on the Mom & Pop Shop

Inside Will Emery and Bonnie Serkin's SE Clinton home and business, both built for the long haul.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 11/03/2014
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9 Great Local Home & Design Finds

From retro chairs and internationally inspired wallpaper to raised beds made out of legos, we've rounded up a new class of inspiring Portland products.

  • Published 10/10/2014
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A Designer's Guide to Staging (and Selling) Your Home

Staging a home for sale requires a bit of psychology—and a touch of gold.

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 10/10/2014
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Plants of Peril

Head inside Portland’s pokiest, spikiest, spindliest backyard—but watch your fingers!

  • By Kate Bryant
  • Published 10/10/2014
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Slide Show: You've Never Seen Houseboats Like These Before

Two sisters cultivate complementary styles on neighboring Hayden Island houseboats.

  • Published 10/10/2014
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