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Cell Division

OHSU scientist Shoukhrat Mitalipov believes his groundbreaking embryonic cloning and stem cell harvesting method will cure diseases like Parkinson’s. But President Bush doesn't like his solution. Which is why a growing number of stem cell researchers are

  • By Ted Katauskas
  • Published 05/19/2009


Tangled Up In You and You and You

Brian is married to April, but he also likes Maggie. April loves Brian, but occasionally snuggles with Bill. And no one is jealous.

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 05/19/2009


Project Runway

These four native Oregonians have the rare mix of looks and moxie that translates into high fashion. _Why don't we all look this fabulous?_ A little smart shopping goes a long way, so search the *"Find a Shop":

  • By Jill Spitznass
  • Published 05/19/2009


Above the Clouds

The national housing market is in free fall, but we’ve managed to stay aloft. Here’s why.

  • By Stacey Wilson
  • Published 05/19/2009


The Home Front

Seven trends that are shaping how and where we live

  • By Camela Raymond, Kasey Cordell, and Stacey Wilson
  • Published 05/19/2009


Hot ’Hoods

No matter what kind of buyer you are, one of these six ’hoods has a welcome mat with your name on it.

  • By Brian Barker and Stacey Wilson
  • Published 05/19/2009


Best Bars

When the crack of cold creeps into the evening air and it's dark by dinner, we know it's time to re-acquaint ourselves with Portland's best bars. Snuggle into a booth, belly up to the bar, and while away some rainy nights.

  • By Bart Blasengame, John Chandler, Camas Davis, Brian Barker, Stacey Wilson, and Jill Davis
  • Published 05/19/2009

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