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How the (Food Cart) Pod People Took Over

In 2009, a half-empty lot called Cartopia became Portland's new living room.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/17/2016

'Tude with Our China

Wine Snobs, Moody Bastards, and Game Hens: Inside the Vat and Tonsure

From 1978 to 1997, this idiosyncratic downtown boîte was the epicenter of Portland culture.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


Pastrami Zombie’s Wet, Hot, Smoked Reuben

Portland’s cart version of Ashland’s cult-worshipped Sammich serves up a magical Montreal-style sandwich.

  • By Benjamin Tepler
  • Published 08/15/2016


Portland’s Ultimate Locavore Larder

It’s a golden age for delicious, locally made (and internationally procured) things. Stock up.

  • By Benjamin Tepler
  • Published 08/15/2016


Portland’s Restaurant History: The People, Places, and Plates That Set Our City’s Epic Table

How did we conquer the food world? We chronicle more than a century of Portland dining.

  • By Molly Woodstock, Michael Zusman, Kelly Clarke, Benjamin Tepler, and Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


Portland Monthly Food Critic Karen Brooks Looks Back on Three Decades of Restaurant Reviews

From ‘80s bagel punks to gazillion-dollar flops.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


Eight Classic Portland Recipes, 1932 to Now

From Henry Thiele’s German pancakes to Lucy Brennan’s avocado daiquiri, here’s how to eat (and drink) your way through Portland history.

  • By Kelly Clarke, Benjamin Tepler, and Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


Revisiting the Mid-Century Jazz Clubs and Soul Food Kitchens of Portland’s Albina Neighborhood

Before it became a chic bike thoroughfare, N Williams was a compact universe of black-owned businesses.

  • By Kelly Clarke
  • Published 08/15/2016


The (James) Beard Supremacy: Five Portland Chefs Who Slay

Cory Schreiber, Philippe Boulot, Cathy Whims, Greg Higgins, and Vitaly Paley embody the mission of Oregon’s original locavore.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


In the ‘70s and ‘80s, This Prolific Portland Restaurateur Redefined “Fine Dining”

Michael Vidor—the man behind L’Auberge, Genoa, and Tanuki—replaced stodge with bohemian, come-as-you-are excellence.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


How Zefiro Changed Everything for Portland’s Food Scene

In the ‘90s, the most mythical of Portland restaurants ruled over NW 21st and Glisan.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


In 2002, Two Crazy Kids Basically Invented the Modern Portland Restaurant

Michael Hebb and Naomi Pomeroy redefined the city’s old-world restaurant order.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016


Pioneer Salt, Giant Pancakes, and Sexy Salads: The Two-Century-Long Story of How Portland Conquered the Food World

Here are the wild spots, rule breakers, lost treasures, and unforgettable dishes that forged our food culture through the past century.

  • By Ashley Marti/Local Haven, Molly Woodstock, Michael Zusman, Kelly Clarke, Nicolle Clemetson, and Karen Brooks
  • Published 08/15/2016

Editor's Note

News & City Life

Gridiron Report

Portland State May Finally Have a Great Football Team

With a brilliant new coach, a wild style of play, and long odds, the Vikings set sail on a new era. But does anyone, like, care?

  • By Jason Cohen
  • Published 08/15/2016

The Shakedown

Should Portland Welcome the Southern Menace—aka Californians?

Welcome to Oregon. Please don’t stay. Or do?

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 08/15/2016


All Kids Should Go Mushrooming—If They Can Keep Their Little Mouths Shut

Even toddler fungiphiles must be tight-lipped.

  • By Lily Raff McCaulou
  • Published 08/15/2016

Long Story Short

For Years, Karlen Yallup Fought Forest Fires Across the West

Now the 24-year-old, raised by a family of elite “hotshots,” wants to take the fight from Warm Springs to Washington.

  • By Ramona DeNies
  • Published 08/15/2016


Meet Three of Oregon’s Top Organic Pot Farmers

These are some next-level nugs.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 08/15/2016

Food Fighter

This Portlander Hustled Her Way to a No-Holds-Barred PBS Food Show

On The Original Fare, host Kelly Cox eats, drinks, and curses her way across the globe.

  • By Chad Walsh
  • Published 08/15/2016

5 Things About

Oregonians Killed 67,000 Big Game Animals Last Year

And other fun facts about hunting in the Beaver State.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 08/15/2016


Are Crickets the Protein of the Future?

Oregon’s Poda Foods makes cricket powder that is edible, sustainable, and nutritious (and, apparently, mild in flavor).

  • By Kailla Coomes
  • Published 08/15/2016


Should Portland Save the Memorial Coliseum?

A small group of preservationists want to rescue the 55-year-old gray box from demolition.

  • By Lisa Dunn
  • Published 08/15/2016

PDX Index

The Raw Numbers on Carole Smith’s Time as PPS Superintendent

Beyond the lead fiasco.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 08/15/2016

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