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The Big One: A Northwest Earthquake Survival Guide

The Cascadia Subduction Quake is coming. How bad will it be? Bad. (Maybe the worst natural disaster in US history.) Can we prepare? YES!

  • By Peter Holmstrom, Nomad, and Randy Gragg
  • Published 07/01/2014


The Road to Legal Gay Marriage in Oregon

Meet the unlikely team that changed the course of Oregon law (and love).

  • By Matty Newton and Jonathan Frochtzwajg
  • Published 07/01/2014


Would You Swim in the Willamette? Prove it.

Why the annual Big Float challenges Portlanders to dive in to the river that runs through us.

  • By Peter Holmstrom
  • Published 07/01/2014


How Ken Kesey's Iconic Merry Pranksters Reinvented the American Counterculture Road Trip

Fifty years ago, Oregon's iconic novelist launched American counterculture on a long, strange trip.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 07/01/2014


The Perfect Party: July 2014

A made-up mash-up of the month's most fascinating people, from PDX-bound chef Peter Cho to the newly elected Multnomah County chair.

  • By Matty Newton
  • Published 07/01/2014


Sharing Portland’s Food Supply

The story behind the tiny nonprofit Urban Gleaners, one woman's mission to share the city's excess food.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 07/01/2014


A Star Portland MMA Fighter Tells All

Glena “Heartless” Avila, 38, a Portland pro mixed martial arts fighter, mother of two, and the focus of the new documentary Glena that opens the Portland Film Fest. Watch the trailer now!

  • By Maya Seaman
  • Published 06/13/2014

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