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PODCAST: Darcelle and Poison Waters Swap Stories on Portland’s Evolving Drag Scene

For 49 years, Darcelle XV’s has been a haven of fun, acceptance, and feather boas. We talk to the big wigs (literally) about how it all came to pass, and what’s happening next.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 06/13/2016


Why Portland Thorn Tobin Heath Fights for More

The Thorns’ midfield magician (and USA National Team star) talks Portland, pay equity, and personal growth.

  • By Katelyn Best
  • Published 06/13/2016


Oregon’s Innovators Light Up Tech, Art, Business, History, the Cityscape—and the Future

From vanished ancient coasts to singing buildings to eco-drones, Oregonians break revolutionary ground.

  • By Chad Walsh, Andrew D'Cruz, Rebecca Jacobson, Fiona McCann, Marty Patail, Kelly Clarke, Ramona DeNies, Benjamin Tepler, Eden Dawn, and Zach Dundas
  • Published 06/13/2016


Does Oregon's Vanished Coastline Hold the Secrets of the First Americans?

Archaeologist Loren Davis has a radical theory about when (and where) humans first arrived on our continent.

  • By Benjamin Tepler
  • Published 06/13/2016


Meet the Man Who Reinvented Nike, Seduced Adidas, and Helped Make Portland the Sports Gear Capital of the World

In the 1980s glory days of audacious deals and bold schemes, Rob Strasser was the big man on campus.

  • By David Wolman
  • Published 06/13/2016


What’s the Deal with Dan Staton?

The Multnomah County Sheriff will soon retire after some… unpleasantness.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 06/13/2016


Yes, the Memorial Coliseum Is Now a "National Treasure"

The symbolic designation could save the controversial 56-year-old stadium from the wrecking ball.

  • By Lisa Dunn
  • Published 06/10/2016


New Portland Podcast Dives into Food, Race, and Lemon Bars

Chef Soleil Ho and writer Zahir Janmohamed launched Racist Sandwich to give voice to people of color in the local food industry.

  • By Rebecca Jacobson
  • Published 06/08/2016


Portland Designer Resurrects Painted "Ghost Signs" of Advertising's Past

Turn-of-the-century advertisements get new life.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 06/07/2016


PODCAST: Courtenay Hameister on Dating and Mating in Portland

The writer and former Live Wire host logged 28 first dates in a year, all entered on her Excel spreadsheet. She dishes on the data-paved road to love.

  • By Fiona McCann and Sika Stanton
  • Published 06/01/2016


You Should Be Eating More Amazing Oregon Fish

Oregon’s coastal waters teem with unique seafood. So why isn’t it ending up in our restaurants?

  • By Ramona DeNies
  • Published 05/23/2016


The Creator of Earth Day Unveils a Radical Environmental Vision for Cascadia

Denis Hayes will speak Monday, arguing that Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver can unite to green the world.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 05/20/2016


Musical Superpowers Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs Unite for a Made-in-Portland Record

The process was, at times, “excruciating.”

  • By Fiona McCann
  • Published 05/19/2016


How One Man Found an Uncharted Gem in the Oregon Wilderness

Mike Malone came across a hidden gorge near Mount Jefferson. But can you really “discover” a place anymore?

  • By Leah Sottile and Michael Byers
  • Published 05/19/2016


Endurance Swimmer Michelle Macy Sets Out to Paddle from Ireland to Scotland—Again

The 39-year-old talks long swims, jellyfish, and brain tongue.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 05/19/2016


Can Food Carts from Oregon Help Rural Cambodia?

A Tigard-based nonprofit sets out to improve nutrition in remote Cambodian villages.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 05/19/2016


How Buying a Party Palace Helped the Dandy Warhols Survive

Without their 10,000-square-foot Odditorium in Northwest Portland, would the band have become elder statesmen of this city’s music scene?

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 05/19/2016


One History Sleuth’s Radical Theory: Everything We Know About How Portland Began Is Wrong

The pursuit of a shadowy founding father winds deep into Portland’s Deadwood days.

  • By Leah Sottile
  • Published 05/19/2016


The Bachelor Winner Lauren B. on How the Show Empowers Both Men and Women

We asked the Portland native the important questions. And also how she looked so sparkly.

  • By Katherine Berman
  • Published 05/17/2016


Love, Portland: Dating and Mating, Stumptown Style

Like everything, we do romance our own way in this town.

  • By Courtenay Hameister, Rebecca Jacobson, Fiona McCann, Marty Patail, Kelly Clarke, and Ramona DeNies
  • Published 04/22/2016
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