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Is South Waterfront Portland's Next Great Neighborhood?

Powered by an ambitious new vision, the glossy, glassy, high-rise experiment down by the river is finally turning into a real neighborhood. The question is, what kind?

  • By Nancy Rommelmann
  • Published 04/27/2015
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Comparing the Costs of Portland's Top Colleges

As local schools prepare for commencement, we do the math on the class of 2015.

  • By Mary Stutzman
  • Published 04/27/2015
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What's Your Wildest Summer Memory?

Have you ever had to spoon your dog for warmth on a backpacking trip? Tell us and enter to win a $50 gift card to Imperial!

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 04/15/2015
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How the New Max Orange Line Will Change Portland

The new Max line debuts in September. In neighborhoods the new train will connect, change is already rolling.

  • By Larisa Owechko
  • Published 04/07/2015
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How Do You Save an Important Oregon Watershed?

A community restoration program has planted more than 4.5 million trees in the last decade…and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

  • By Larisa Owechko
  • Published 04/06/2015
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The Genius Scandinavian Architects Making Portland’s Public Market

A famed Norwegian design firm promises to turn a patch of asphalt into the James Beard Public Market—using global expertise.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 04/02/2015
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The Epic Political Backstory Behind the (In)famous Portland Building

The clashing visions behind downtown’s most controversial building

  • By Caleb Diehl
  • Published 03/12/2015
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Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Take our free dental survey and enter to win a $100 gift card to Imperial.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 03/11/2015
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Will PNCA’s Landmark New HQ Spark a Renaissance in Old Town?

We take a look at the transformation of Portland's first post office into the growing art school's beating heart.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 02/03/2015
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Did Portland Public Schools Get Its Transfer Policy Right?

We check in on the city's big decision on student shuffles—and the neighborhoods that may be impacted the most.

  • By Keegan Clements-Housser
  • Published 01/28/2015
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