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For Lummi Nation, a PDX Stop; for Mayor Hales, a Photo Op

A massive totem pole travels up the Columbia River with First Nations protesters, pauses in Portland for a blessing.

  • By Alex Madison
  • Published 08/28/2015
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This New Mini-Park at Portland State Is Completely Adorable In Every Way

Designed and built by students, this is the little public space that could.

  • By Rachel Sandstrom
  • Published 07/20/2015
0815 apples fqcnqe


Inside the Oregon Nonprofit Preserving the World's Best Apples

The Temperate Orchard Conservancy is fighting real estate woes—and the clock—to save 4,000 varieties of the Northwest's major crop.

  • By Jonathan Frochtzwajg
  • Published 07/20/2015
Dune film poster icmuey


How the Oregon Dunes Inspired Sci-Fi Classic 'Dune'

50 years ago, Frank Herbert's cult-classic novel got its start along the Oregon coast.

  • By Peter Holmstrom
  • Published 07/20/2015
0615 wolves in oregon oduveq


Will Wild Wolves Survive in Oregon?

As the state’s gray wolf population continues to grow, new legislative stipulations could impede further progress.

  • By Larisa Owechko
  • Published 05/26/2015
042015 barney o2rsk7


One Woman's Crusade to Save the Neighborhood Squirrel

Furry friend or vermin? The line is blurry at this Vancouver-based wildlife rehabilitation nonprofit.

  • By Rene Bermudez
  • Published 04/02/2015
042015 aspens s2bbbj


Did a Monstrous Prehistoric Flood Seed Oregon’s Mystery Trees?

How a lone stand of aspens in West Linn reveals the legacy of a massive cataclysmic event.

  • By Mary Stutzman
  • Published 04/02/2015
Sara mapelli bee queen 03 rlsgue


What Does it Feel Like to Wear a Blouse of Bees?

Portland's Bee queen, Sara Mapelli, advocates for pollinators via daring acts of performance art.

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 03/20/2015
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Why Are Inmates Planting Trees in Tillamook Forest?

A prison work camp deep in the Tillamook Forest turns inmate labor into reforestation and firefighting.

  • By Larisa Owechko
  • Published 03/10/2015
2015 bythenumbers organicfarms pomonthly frymba


A By-The-Numbers Look at Oregon's Organic Farm Industry

Oregon ranks #9 for most organic farms in the nation. Here's how those hard-working farmers make it work.

  • By Sarah Ostaszewski
  • Published 03/02/2015
Displaying articles 1 - 10 of 53 in total