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Scene & Heard

Paperback Rider

Where: North Portland bike lanes Who: Evan Schneider, a local writer who puts a personal spin on cycling.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 08/23/2012
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Self-Help Santa

Keith Hackett is a local Santa Claus who's qualified to give advice all year round.

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 08/15/2012


Long Run

A seasoned ski patroller looks back on 60 years on the slopes.

  • By Brian Barker
  • Published 08/15/2012
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the ultimate trek

Beam Us Downriver, Scotty!

We talk with Trek in the Park director Adam Rosko about their new episode and the move to St. Johns’ Cathedral Park

  • By John Murray
  • Published 08/09/2012
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Hollywood Knights

Phil Knight famously made a fortune as a founder of Nike. Now the shoe king and his son Travis are vying for a foothold in the super-competitive world of filmmaking with a cartoon girl named Coraline.

  • By Tom McNichol
  • Published 07/24/2012
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Long Story [Short]

The Diver

A 12-year veteran of Portland Fire and Rescue’s Dive Team, Lt. Rich Tyler is one of very few people to have experienced the murky netherworld that lies below the surface of the Willamette River.

  • By Jill Davis
  • Published 07/18/2012
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Virtual Vending

A vending machine visionary gambles on touchscreen technology.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 06/22/2012
Ismet prcic hishqs

Long Story [Short]

The Refugee

Award-winning Portland author Ismet Prcic offers a glimpse of growing up in war-torn Bosnia, his struggles with PTSD, and the therapeutic power of writing.

  • By Taylor Clark
  • Published 05/24/2012
Randy leonard nmw0zg

Long Story [Short]

The Straight Shooter

At the end of this year, Portland’s famously ornery city councilman and former fire lieutenant will retire. So...what’s next for Randy Leonard?

  • By Sarah Mirk
  • Published 04/27/2012
Matt donegan vocmpe


Tree Titan

He speaks for the trees.

  • By Bill Lascher
  • Published 04/27/2012
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