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Portland Monthly's Light a Fire Awards, presented by Bank of America, celebrate the organizations and individuals who are working to make Portland more prosperous, beautiful, healthful, and sustainable for all of our citizens. Winners will be honored both in the pages of the magazine and at an awards ceremony in October, where one organization will win the proceeds of the evening.





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Extraordinary Executive Director

Awarded to the chief executive officer of a nonprofit whose work transforms his/her organization and the larger community

Exceptional Pro Bono Contribution

Awarded to a person (or company) whose contribution of services, supplies, or time to a nonprofit makes possible significant change in the community

Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to a person who shows tireless commitment to the nonprofit community over a lifetime of service

Extraordinary Board Member

Awarded to a person whose services as a member of a nonprofit organization’s board enhances that organization’s operations and improves the greater community

Extraordinary Volunteer

Awarded to a person whose volunteered time and services spur noteworthy change in the nonprofit community

Inspiring Creativity

Awarded to an organization working to nurture arts and culture in Oregon

Most with the Least

Awarded to an organization effecting significant change with minimal resources and fewer than five paid staff members

Keeping Us Healthy

Awarded to an organization that helps us take care of ourselves—mentally or physically

Game-Changing Project

Recognizes an innovative collaboration that generates a transformative impact for one or more nonprofits

Best New Nonprofit

Awarded to an organization incorporated after January 1, 2013

Emerging Leader

Awarded to a staff or board member under the age of 30 with demonstrated ability to further the nonprofit’s mission

Caring for the Planet

Awarded to an organization working in the fields of sustainability, conservation, or natural resources protection


To find our Light A Fire honorees, Portland Monthly uses a four-step process:

1. We gather: We ask everyone we know, including our readers, and find experts with a wide vision of the city.

2. We review: With a panel of the region’s top foundation and corporate-giving leaders, we score every nomination.

3. We debate: Using the top-scoring nominations as a starting point, panel members weigh the information submitted, their own knowledge of the individuals and organizations, and their convergences and differences of opinion.

4. We select: There’s always more good work than can be awarded—but there’s always next year.

All questions must be answered completely and according to directions to be considered. You may nominate in as many categories as you choose, you may nominate the same organization in multiple categories, and you may nominate yourself or your own organization. Winners are selected on the basis of community impact, and not number of nominations, so please complete only one nomination form per organization in each category.