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Sustainability Meets Idiosyncrasy in a Modern Spin on the Mom & Pop Shop

Inside Will Emery and Bonnie Serkin's SE Clinton home and business, both built for the long haul.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 11/03/2014
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Rummer Revival

During the ’60s and ’70s, Robert Rummer built nearly 1,000 iconic post-and-beam style homes in Oregon. This is the story of one.

  • Published 08/01/2014
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An Eco-Chic Passive House

After years of designing elaborate energy-efficiency systems, architect Jeff Stern turned to a simpler concept for his own home: the thermos.

  • By Bruce Wolf and Randy Gragg
  • Published 01/02/2014
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Our 10 Greatest Homes

We asked a panel of 5 experts to choose the 10 greatest homes in the city’s history. Bask in the architectural wonder, as we take you on a virtual tour of Portland’s finest residential structures, both present and past.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 08/19/2012
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Ocean Theater

A former NBA hoopster falls in love with the Oregon Coast and builds a breathtaking bed and breakfast.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 03/23/2012
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Lure of the Local

In 1948, Pietro Belluschi designed a modest masterpiece of the Northwest Regional style of modernism. Now his son Tony has restored and expanded it with a deft touch.

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 11/23/2011
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Secret Gardens

The brothers McMenamin extend the same care and devotion to tending their gardens as they do their taps.

  • By Kate Bryant
  • Published 05/20/2011
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Cellar Notes

Where to go to get that premium corked vino.

  • By Condé Cox
  • Published 04/16/2010
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Spear Me

Asparagus takes a break from the steamer and lands on your pizza.

  • By Deena Prichep
  • Published 04/15/2010
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Jam Session

Take advantage of the multitude of mason jars filled with local fruit by making heritage deserts such as Julie Richardson's jam crostata.

  • By Deena Prichep
  • Published 01/19/2010
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Hive Minded

The ancient drink of the vikings gets reinvented as a sharp, fiery elixir.

  • By Hannah Feldman
  • Published 01/19/2010
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Moving Through the Landscape

Cycling couple Tim and Sue Butler wanted a house that reflected their love of the outdoors and avid cycling lifestyles. Path Architecture was there to help.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 12/11/2009
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Worldly Bird

There's a lot more to fried chicken than the traditional dish we associate with the American South. A quick tour of Asia reveals enchanting alternatives.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 12/11/2009
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The Italian Job

Master chef Robert Reynolds reinvents the staid pumpkin pie.

  • By Martha Calhoon
  • Published 10/09/2009
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Restaurant Review

Pepper Power

The Padròn pepper has Portlanders playing culinary Russian roulette.

  • By Martha Calhoon
  • Published 08/18/2009
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Portland's Best Burgers

You got the need, the need for beef? Let our guide to Portland's best burgers give you the resources you need to make that educated culinary choice on that most American of dishes: the hamburger. We scoured the city to find the best in nine different ca

  • By Rachel Ritchie, John Chandler, Brian Barker, Randy Gragg, Kasey Cordell, and Martha Calhoon
  • Published 07/20/2009
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Artful Lodger

Part hotel, part gallery, the Nines, downtown’s newest château, becomes an unlikely showcase for Portland’s creative class.

  • By Martha Calhoon
  • Published 05/19/2009
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Club Med

Palm trees, a saltwater pool, and a gourmet garden make this Alameda house a private resort.

  • By Camela Raymond
  • Published 05/19/2009
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Cake Walk

Chocolate-Buttermilk Layer Cake: The recipe for this decadent chocolate-buttermilk wonder has traipsed all over Portland

  • By Nancy Rommelmann
  • Published 05/19/2009
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Chocolate-Buttermilk Layer Cake

  • Published 05/19/2009
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