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The Sick Day Dilemma

Keeping a child home—and taking a day off work—can be a tough call.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 05/02/2013
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How to Stay Hassle Free at PDX This Holiday

Five tips to help you find the fastest way through PDX this holiday season.

  • By Sara Gates, Eleanor R. Brown, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 11/19/2012
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Health Watch: Alphabet Soup

With conflicting headlines about vitamins and supplements, it helps to seek out the source.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 09/06/2012
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Five Questions For… Greta Binford

Lewis & Clark’s splendid spider woman indulges her attraction to arachnids.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 11/23/2011
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So Happy Together

Portland businesses make ends meet through cooperation and cohabitation.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 10/14/2011
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Cover Story

Fall Getaways: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Fall was made for long weekends. As the sun settles lower and lower in our sky and thanksgiving comes into view on the horizon, there’s no better time to escape the city and savor the few quiet, crisp weekends of autumn.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown, Martin Patail, Rachel Ritchie, Zach Dundas, Brian Barker, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 09/19/2011
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PDX Index: First Thursday

First Thursday by the numbers.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 08/19/2011
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Seed Money

Farmland LP is a company on the grow—organically that is.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 07/22/2011
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Getting Traction

Leave it to an outdoorsman from Oregon to build the perfect bulldozer.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown
  • Published 06/29/2011
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