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One Winemaker's Answer to the Drought: Stop Watering

Cameron Winery's John Paul, founder of the Deep Roots Coalition and longtime advocate of dry farming, isn't worried about this summer's heat waves.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/21/2015
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The Truth About ‘Sustainable’ Chicken Is that It Doesn’t Really Exist

Diners want it. Chefs want it. Farmers want it. So why is organic, pasture-raised chicken so hard to find?

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 08/24/2015
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A Portland-Led Approach to Transgender Health Care

Local doctors are reshaping how medicine approaches transgender kids and adults.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 07/13/2015
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Three Locals Transforming Medicine and Research in Portland

A designer, a food-as-medicine proponent, and an immunologist talk groundbreaking changes in their fields.

  • By Jennifer Abbasi, Hannah Wallace, and Zach Dundas
  • Published 07/13/2015
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Trophy Case: May's Best Local Stuff

This month's hottest locally made goods for Mother's Day, from handmade GMO-free soy candles to moss and lichen-filled bangles.

  • By Cervante Pope, Marty Patail, and Hannah Wallace
  • Published 04/27/2015
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How Hood River Students Help Run Their Super-Green School

An architectural lesson in earth science, where kids "eat their conservation vegetables before their solar cookies.”

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 01/27/2015
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Three Crucial Yoga Poses—and Why They Work

Michele Loew of Yoga Space deconstructs three familiar asana shapes, and what they can do for your whole body (and mind).

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 11/21/2014
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An International Ingredient from Oregon Farms Is Fostering Connection in Portland

How one convenience store teamed up with Willamette Valley growers for some teff love.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 11/03/2014
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This Probiotic Crusader Wants You to Get Cultured

How OHSU's Dr. Robert Martindale initiated a “probiotic protocol” for every patient receiving antibiotics.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 07/22/2014
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4 Local Alt-Medicine Innovators

Meet a handful of locals blazing trails in complementary care.

  • By Matty Newton and Hannah Wallace
  • Published 07/16/2014
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Oregon's Olive Oil Barons

Portland expats send home southern Italy's liquid gold.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 11/01/2013
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Portland Alternative Medicine Guide

As the nation's hotbed for education in natural medicine, Portland is a great place to get treated.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 12/20/2012
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Greener Pastures

After four generations of raising cows, Carman Ranch teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Now, after eight hard years of applying new science, old methods, and high idealism, 32-year-old Cory Carman may have finally discovered the key to saving the family

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 10/14/2011
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Long Story [Short]

The Wildcrafter

After getting his start scouring the Oregon woods for mushrooms in the 1980s, Lars Norgren now supplies some of Portland’s top restaurants and farmers markets with edible fungi and weeds.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 04/22/2011
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Oregon’s Pre-Existing Condition

Freelancers and the self-employed may gravitate to Portland's creative economy and affordability, but when it comes to getting insurance, only the healthy need apply.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 12/21/2010
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Wine Country Weekends

For the Value Hunter

The Eola-Amity Hills AVA offers affordable winetasting with a lot of bang for your buck.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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Wine Country Weekends

For the Pioneering Palate

Umpqua and Rogue valley vintages are both less renowned and further away, but the tastes are worth the travel.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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Wine Country Weekends

For the Active Traveler

If your wine tasting weekend needs more action than a stroll around the vineyard, the Columbia River Gorge is the place for you.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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Wine Country Weekends

For the Foodie

The lush northern Willamette Valley soil is good for growing more than just grapes, so pair your wine tasting with the memorable of meals.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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Cover Story

Wine Country Weekends

Whether you're a seasoned explorer, or even a Willamette Valley vino newbie, we've got the travel tips.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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