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Life Style

A Pearl District condo is transformed from blank slate to a bastion of urbane beauty.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 12/23/2011


Family Circle

With curves and swoops in every direction, Edgar Papazian’s head-turning architectural remodel on Mount Tabor creates a home that wraps his family in a warm embrace.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 10/20/2011


Forest Park Guide: The Best Bikes

See the splendor of nature go whizzing by as breathtaking scenery is matched with a bicycle's breakneck speed.

  • By Brian Barker
  • Published 06/29/2011


Rich Living

The restauranteur behind Pok Pok, Whiskey Soda Lounge, and Pok Pok Noi, Andy Ricker shows us around his SE Portland condo. Ricker teamed up with a local design firm to combine functionality with his own quirky aesthetic.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 04/25/2011


Here Comes The Sun

A Portland West Hills Victorian beams bright with color, style, and warmth. The 3,700 square foot bright, airy home compensates for the gray Portland winter.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 01/19/2011

On the Town

Room With a View

Curtis Knapp and Aaron Flint Jamison have tuned the 1908 Yale Union Laundry Building at SE 10th Avenue and Belmont Street into YU Center for Contemporary Arts, “a sustainable center for contemporary international avant-garde art.”

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 11/17/2010

On the Town

Room With a View: Web Extras

  • Published 11/17/2010

2010 Best Bars

Rules of the Juke

A jukebox implies a social contract that’s unfashionable in today’s earbud era, but still very real.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 11/17/2010


Home, Grown

A charming Alameda fixer-upper slowly evolves into one family’s dream home.

  • By Amara Holstein
  • Published 10/13/2010

Wine Country Weekends

For the Newcomer

For newcomers and procrastinators; here are the tastes and activities that should be on every Willamette Valley virgin’s shortlist.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010

Food News

Kristin Murray to Paley’s Place; Lauren Fortgang to Little Bird

Pastry Chefs Shuffle: Two of Portland’s most prominent dessert makers have sweet new deals.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 09/09/2010


The Simpler Life

This newly crafted Buckman home proves small can be both sustainable and stylish, by using dual purpose fixtures and furniture with high design aesthetic.

  • By Anna Sachse
  • Published 07/14/2010

Portland Plated

Refining Rustic

Three new chefs to the Portland scene—Michael Hanaghan at Ten 01, Chris DiMinno at Clyde Common, and Kristen D. Murray at Fenouil—redefine what it means to experience pure, unabashed flavor.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 06/11/2010


Branch Science

Oregon State University researcher Steven Strauss wants to engineer genetically-modified trees that could change the world and help the ecosystem. His obstacle? A legion of anti-GMO environmentalists.

  • By David Wolman
  • Published 12/11/2009


Common Threads

Pamela Baker-Miller partners with her grandmother Connie Codding to open her SW Portland boutique, Frances May.

  • By Meghan Hilliard
  • Published 10/09/2009


Snack Track

This guide will take you through the best and most wallet-friendly eateries and cafés within walking (or streetcar) distance of downtown.

  • By Eva Hagberg and Thomas Cobb
  • Published 10/09/2009


Sand Castle

The stereotypical beach rental with kitschy seashell art and 1960s blankets gets a modern makeover from two designers.

  • By Victoria Blake
  • Published 09/11/2009


Hot New Idom

Newly relocated to NW 23rd, Modi Soondarotok's Idom brings Thai-inspired fashion to the masses.

  • By Brett Glass
  • Published 08/18/2009

Editor’s Note

Better Together

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 08/17/2009


Night Moves

With the city expanding, our options for late night cuisine have expanded beyond "Fourth Meal" at Taco Bell.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 07/20/2009
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