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Cabel sasser v2 gaq5hb


Panic's High Tech Passion

Why Cabel Sasser turned down an offer from Steve Jobs—and how the early app start-up lived to tell the tale.

  • By Marty Patail
  • Published 02/03/2014
Pm pret feb v1 gruf9g


A Guide to Winter Accessories

No cold-weather ensemble is complete without the right accessories.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 01/22/2014
Nancy hales2 v1 oa4imc


Nancy Hales, Portland's First Lady

With local fashion chops, a passion for grassroots organization, and a 1987 bumper sticker-laden Toyota truck, the mayor's better half is crafting herself a place in Portland history.

  • By Karen Karbo
  • Published 01/02/2014
1112 pret mens style ctivon


It's Raining, Men

From fellas looking for designer denim to gents hunting killer ties, these Portland shops outfit every type of man for fall.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/11/2013
1013 fall fashion power trio ofq9uy


The New Workplace Chic

This fall's style sheet includes tailored workwear featuring playful textures, bold colors, and eye-catching prints. We show you how to combine fashion and work like a professional.

  • By Nicolle Clemetson and Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/01/2013
0913 anna korte hs2bzm


Fashion and Shopping in the September Issue

Dispatches from the most fashionable reaches of Portland Monthly

  • By Molly Woodstock
  • Published 09/04/2013
Pm july pret skye 01 vahsqh


Tomboy Style

Tis the season to embrace casual, menswear-inspired designs.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 07/01/2013
6 13 drag darcelle fashion pret zhokde


Drag's Iconic Portland Designer

Glitter, glam, and man-skirts star on New York runways today, but Darcelle has been putting on the glitz for nearly 50 years.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 06/03/2013
0513 kelly williams brown jons97


Adulting Tips from Kelly Williams Brown

The Oregonian author dishes on her beginner’s guide to adulthood, Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps.

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 05/01/2013
0413 gregory gourdet portland monthly ice cream kkpyd4


Eat the April Issue

This month's food-centric stories in Portland Monthly include a review of Ava Gene's and Gregory Gourdet's moment in the spotlight.

  • By Allison Jones
  • Published 04/01/2013
0413 gregory gourdet portland monthly ice cream kkpyd4


The Voracious Appetites of Chef Gregory Gourdet

Whether he’s cooking, running, or throwing parties for 400 of his closest food-world friends (or just eating ice cream), chef Gregory Gourdet’s appetites know few limits.

  • By Kelly Clarke
  • Published 03/22/2013
0213 dwayne edwards njfvtw


Portland's Premier Shoe Design School

Launched by a design prodigy, Pensole gives some of the country’s most talented designers a leg up.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 01/23/2013
1212 geek gift guide au2whj


2012 Portland Monthly Gift Guide

The Geek's Guide to Gifts: Get the perfect local present for your most beloved obsessive.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 11/20/2012
1112 fashion philanthropy charity t8h7nx


Fashion Philanthropy

Local style companies sew goodwill into their bottom lines.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/12/2012
1012 brain strom logo zvbsce


Brain Storm 2012

Eight innovative Oregonians who are changing our world for the better.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 09/15/2012
Summer lounging ifu31e


On the Water

Review our accessory checklist if you want to spend the summer lolling on a (Pendleton) beach blanket.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 07/17/2012
Adx products ikyvdg


Instant Cool (Just Add Tools)

ADX takes “craft” to the next level by providing inventive citizens with tools and room to work.

  • By Stephen Person and Bill Lascher
  • Published 07/14/2012
Portland trail shoes tree xz00ol

Walk This Way

Portland’s Top Trail Shoes

To help you decide what to wear on your in-town hikes, we put some of Portland’s top footwear companies’ trail shoes to the test. The result? Eleven hiker-approved kicks.

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 06/15/2012
Womens danner sobo low shoe uwubxh


Top Women’s Trail Shoes

Traversing the trails requires some serious footwear. Here are our picks for the ladies!

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 06/15/2012
Mens crary mountain trail shoes ajlvjo


Top Men’s Trail Shoes

OK men, let's make tracks in these top-notch boots.

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 06/15/2012
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