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Behind the Lines

Joe Sacco has gone to warzones such as Goražde, Palestine, and Sarajevo and reported what he found in a series of critically acclaimed books, inadvertently helping to create comics journalism. He takes a break from preparing his newest, _Footnotes in Gaz

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 11/09/2009

Cheap Eats

$20 Is The New $50

We scoured the Portland metro area to find a dozen culinary steals, ranging from the nationally-lauded Le Pigeon, to Sanchez Taqueria, a foodie pitstop in Tigard.

  • By Eva Hagberg and Mike Thelin
  • Published 10/09/2009


Snack Track

This guide will take you through the best and most wallet-friendly eateries and cafés within walking (or streetcar) distance of downtown.

  • By Eva Hagberg and Thomas Cobb
  • Published 10/09/2009


Autumn on the Rocks

Take a little inspiration from the Czech Republic to find the right drink to bridge the seasons in the city.

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 10/09/2009

Portland Plated

Smaller, Cheaper, Faster

As the economy changes, Portland restaurants are forced to adapt or become extinct.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 08/18/2009

Portland Plated

Club Sandwich

With restaurants increasingly seen as shaky ventures, some of the city's most talented chefs have tossed aside their white coats and fancy kitchens to tinker with the lowly sandwich in the culinary equivalent of the tree house. But craftsmen like Ken Gord

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 05/26/2009

Get Out

Hikes & Bikes

One of the best things about living in Portland is the ease with which we can escape the city for more rugged delights. So we paged through guidebooks, consulted local experts, and wore a little leather off our own boots...

  • By Bart Blasengame, Victoria Nguyen, Ariel Bleicher, Kaitlin Johnson, Brian Barker, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 05/20/2009

(It's the place to be.)

Green Acres

Brenna Bell is a hippie. “That word has so many meanings,” she says. “But if you mean somebody who’s a free-minded person who lives closely with nature and with other people? That’s what I am.”

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 05/19/2009



Parallel aligns itself with Portland's shopping hot spots.

  • By Jill Spitznass
  • Published 05/19/2009

All Lacrosse the World

Stick Figure

Portland Lumber Jax defenseman *Brodie Merrill* talks tough about lacrosse, jet lag, and being mocked by Canadian teenagers.

  • By Bart Blasengame
  • Published 05/19/2009


12 Revolutionary Companies

Transforming the city that works (and yes, they're hiring.)

  • By Sally Powers
  • Published 05/19/2009


Heavy Drinking

A high-octane combination of age and alcohol makes barley wine an effective antidote to winter.

  • By Nino Padova
  • Published 05/19/2009


Toy Story

Four small shops that play big

  • By Stacey Wilson
  • Published 05/19/2009


Snurf’s Up

A sports revivalist brings snowtrashing to Mount Hood.

  • By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
  • Published 05/19/2009


Calling the Shots

So he replaced the "Jail Blazers" with a squad of do-gooders, including superstar Greg Oden. Now that Oden is benched, will Portlanders stay in Pritchard's court?

  • By Jason Cohen
  • Published 05/19/2009

Cover Story

A Shameless Peek at Portland's Money

To our great surprise, in spite of Portland’s rep as a city given to monetary modesty, people talked. From lottery millionaires to a drag queen with a penchant for vodka martinis and a family who made a pact to buy nothing new for an entire year (not even

  • By Kym Croft Miller, Randy Gragg, Stacey Wilson, and Jill Davis
  • Published 05/19/2009


Clearing the Bar

Once you’ve tasted the otherworldly chocolate offerings at Cacao, there’s no going back to those emulsifier-laden bars that lurk near checkout counters.

  • By Jill Spitznass
  • Published 05/19/2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Liquid Lesson

A bright solution to a soggy problem blooms at Mt Tabor Middle School.

  • By Jill Davis
  • Published 05/19/2009


Eco Elegance

Forget the drawstring hemp pants, Greenloop boutique makes eco-consciousness fashionably chic.

  • By Jill Spitznass
  • Published 05/19/2009

All Class

Kitchen Chemistry

A new culinary movement trades pots and pans for pipettes.

  • By Camas Davis
  • Published 05/19/2009
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