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ANY PLACE THAT CAN APPEAL to beer geeks while simultaneously charming your grandmother is doing something right. Relish Gastropub blends seasonal know-how with stylish comforts, fresh pasta, and, not least, a killer burger, alongside Oregon’s best brews and 27 wines by the glass. Downtown, this might be just another solid haunt—but in Westmoreland, it’s a real find. Watch for tagliatelle in thick, toothsome ribbons festooned around morsels of smoked trout and fatty pork belly. Salads are tame but full of seasonal gusto, dressed in thick tomatillo purée and sided by homemade fennel crackers. You want that burger, with its cloak of sweet onion jam and dreamy Cacio di Roma sheep’s milk cheese.

Meal Times
Brunch, Dinner
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Outdoor Dining

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