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The Find: Custard-like veal sweetbreads

When Simpatica owners Ben Dyer, Dave Kreifels, and Jason Owens built Laurelhurst Market, their temple to meat, they sold their butcher shop, Viande Meats, to longtime employees Eric Finley and Paula Marcus, who renamed it Chop. Much like a neighborhood butcher shop in Italy or France, Chop features fresh Moulard duck breasts, dry-aged prime rib, veal osso bucco, pork from hazelnut-fed Sweetbriar Farms pigs, and harder-to-find ingredients like veal stock and caul fat. Chop hand-crafts two dozen types of sausage, a dozen pâtós, and excellent prepared foods like duck confit, choucroute (an Alsatian sauerkraut studded with pork and seasoned with juniper berries), rabbit rillettes with preserved lemon, house-cured guanciale , salami, and salt-cured foie gras. Pleasantly spicy with a punch of garlic, Chop’s house-made andouille sausage evokes Louisiana, and the rich, creamy Burgundian boudin blanc sausage is award-worthy. 

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