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The Find: Gartner’s Famous Marinade

The recipe for the marinade that dresses Gartner’s top-selling short ribs is known by only a scant few employees of the market. Opened in 1959 by Jack Gartner, the store is currently run by his daughter, Sheri Gartner Puppo, and Rick Minor, the son of Gartner’s first partner, Jerry Minor. Arguably the city’s largest meat case, Gartner’s is a showcase of protein, ranging from petite smoked bratwursts and cuts of liver to family-size pot roasts, whole smoked turkeys, racks of spareribs, half hogs, front quarters of beef, and whole luau pigs. And for 35 years, Gartner’s sausage maker, Terry Honke, has been creating 50 kinds of authentic German recipes.

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