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The Find: Kimchi

Think of any animal, vegetable, or mineral: the Koreans have likely pickled it, and H Mart probably stocks it. Whether you’re seeking the traditional spicy, briny kimchi made from fermented Chinese cabbage; kimchi concocted from green onions, daikon, radish, mustard leaves, or even dandelion greens; or the ingredients to make it yourself—the store has entire aisles dedicated to the salt, red pepper, and spices you’ll need—H Mart is a must-try for food preserving fans. The two-year-old store, part of an East Coast Korean grocery chain with 41 North American locations, is the largest Asian grocery store in the Portland metropolitan area. It’s also a nosher’s nirvana, with an expansive produce aisle replete with worldly delights (banana flowers, anyone?) and a behemoth seafood counter selling live fish, abalone, sea squirt, manila clams, and whole frozen octopus. H Mart’s meat department is proof of the Korean obsession with (and mastery of) barbecue—packages of grill-ready slices of pork belly, galbi (marinated short ribs), chicken, and pork abound. 

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