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Gourmet Specialty Foods

The Find: Salt (more than 120 varieties)

From chardonnay-smoked finishing salt to Hawaiian black lava salt, this tiny store’s offerings lure many a tourist, chef, and home cook. Owner Mark Bitterman and his wife, Jennifer, a former art director, opened the store “to just surround ourselves with things that we loved,” Mark says. “The store is really more of a personal exploration.” While it’s the salts that draw the masses, the Meadow also has the largest selection of artisan bitters and vermouths in the Pacific Northwest, as well as more than 300 types of dark chocolate bars. Oh, and they also sell flowers. “Salt, chocolate, wine, and flowers: they’re core elements, and timeless,” Mark muses. His current fascination? An esoteric Japanese hana flake salt that bears a striking resemblance to a Chinese throwing star.

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