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Gourmet Specialty Foods

The Find: House-crafted Arinello’s pancetta cured with salt, brown sugar, garlic, and black pepper (there’s nothing else like it in Portland)

Founded in 1916 as an open-air fruit and vege-table market on Produce Row, Portland’s one-time center of food distribution, Sheridan Fruit has evolved into the central city’s top specialty market, meat counter, and grocery store. The crew of the family-owned store is knowledgeable, and the butchers are especially deft. The walls and shelves are adorned with thousands of imported items, and the produce is excellent and mostly local. Thick cuts of marbled Painted Hills beef, Anderson Farms lamb, and Carlton Farms pork are locally sourced, with some of each ground and seasoned on-site into more than 40 varieties of sausage. The bulk bins brim with nuts, beans, grains, pasta, olives, and dried fruit (there are five varieties of dates alone). The market also boasts buckets of fresh mozzarella, superb corned beef made in-house, and European imports like preserves and canned Italian tomatoes.

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