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How Ace Changed the International Hotel Design Game

The Portlant-based Atelier Ace designs the world's trendiest hotels—and reboots entire neighborhoods along the way.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 10/05/2015
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Portland's Biggest Interactive Design Event is Back (and Wants Your Ideas)

Content is returning to the Ace Hotel and, for the first time, is open to public submissions. Be part of the party!

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 08/18/2015
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Relive Content's Design Fun in Photos

The window of Content's design frenzy at the Ace Hotel has closed for the year, but you can relive all the fun with our slide show recap.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/21/2014
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Slide Show: Content 2014 at the Ace Hotel—in Photos

The window of Content's design frenzy at the Ace Hotel has closed for the year, but you can relive all the fun with our slide show recap.

  • Published 10/21/2014
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Content Unleashes Five Hours of Design Magic at the Ace Hotel

Once a year makers take over the second floor of the Ace Hotel for the best design event of the year.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/14/2014
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Pepe Le Moko, Unveiled

The long anticipated bar beneath the Clyde Common takes its first few sips.

  • By Benjamin Tepler
  • Published 02/17/2014
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Slide Show: A Stylish Weekend in Palm Springs

Blast the winter blues away with a non-stop flight to sunny Palm Springs—a bastion of vintage Hollywood glamor.

  • Published 01/23/2014
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Content in Review

Once again, the Ace Hotel's fashion take-over proved itself a hub of creativity and collaborations. And just a lot of fun.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 11/11/2013
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A Look at Content's Creations

Part of The Ace's Thinking Cap video series, this mini doc take a look at the behind the scenes of one of last year's best rooms.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 11/06/2013
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Content Returns to The Ace Hotel

Back for its fourth year, designers take over the second floor of The Ace Hotel on November 9.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 10/28/2013
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Converse x Ace Hotel Pro High-Top

The Ace unveils its latest collaborations with Converse in the form of a sleek, styling high-top.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 06/20/2013
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Highlights from Content

A photo roundup of some of the best moments from Content at the Ace.

  • By Saxon Trobaugh, Barrie Chan, and Eden Dawn
  • Published 11/13/2012
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Content Returns to the Ace Hotel

The Cinderella night of fashion installations that magically appears for a few perfect hours returns on November 11.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 11/06/2012
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How the Ace Hotel Creates Its Products

A look at the Ace Hotel's collaborations with local designers and makers

  • By Martin Patail
  • Published 10/16/2012
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Portland Undressed: Dinner and Conversation with New York Author Elizabeth Cline

Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion comes to Portland Tuesday night for a round table discussion on the importance of supporting your local fashion industry.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 08/30/2012
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CONTENT 2011 Line Up

The official line up for the one night fashion/art exhibit is announced. And it’s good….real good.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 09/22/2011
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