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silhouette on fire

Artist Talk: Kara Walker

The controversial art star talks at Reed College on October 2 about her work exploring racism, sexuality, and violence. Her solo exhibit runs through November 18.

  • By Aaron Scott and Randy Gragg
  • Published 09/27/2012

art is about looking at the world differently...

A Tour of PAM's Ellsworth Kelly/Prints Exhibit with Kelly's Partner

Photographer Jack Shear, Kelly's partner since 1970, gives us a tour of the famed abstract artist's print exhibition at the Portland Art Museum—and shares a few stories along the way.

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 09/04/2012

gallery grazing

First Thursday Sampler

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 08/02/2012


Dance Discussion: In Site Part I

Jeans, waves, wind…and a bright red stumbling-block. A viewer’s impressions, and the artist’s response.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/24/2012


The Arlene Effect

Arlene Schnitzer first took an art class because it fit her schedule. What she learned would shape Portland’s visual arts scene for decades.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 04/27/2012


Interview: Portland2012 Biennial Curator Prudence Roberts

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 03/06/2012

gallery grazing

First Thursday Sampler

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 03/01/2012

Style Spotlight

Fashionable Paintings

Local artist Sam Roloff uses fashion to inspire his canvas.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 02/28/2012

green zone

Peter Halley’s Neon Installation Will Tickle Your Brain

At Disjecta through Feb. 25

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 02/08/2012

gallery grazing

First Thursday Sampler

  • By Aaron Scott
  • Published 02/02/2012

press desk

Helping Oregon’s Cash-Poor Stay Culture-Rich

A recent announcement from Portland’s arts & culture director Cary Clarke.

  • By The Culturegang
  • Published 10/15/2011

collective review

TBA 2011: Jesse Sugarmann

Sometimes Nothing (everything) Happens

  • By Claudia La Rocco
  • Published 09/13/2011

more than bargained for

TBA 2011: ©ardiff

How David Eckard’s "carnival barker" character, and TBA lookie-loos, got their mettle sorely tested by a drunk bystander.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 09/10/2011

visual art

John Henry Egan at Red E

John Henry Egan’s abstract textures expertly mimic a lucky accident.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 04/19/2011

scene & herd

April’s First Thursday

A fly-by of a few April arts impressions.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 04/12/2011


Moves Management at North View Gallery

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 03/28/2011


TBA 2011: First news

Curator Cathy Edwards says “cults, demigods, proselytizing, and fracturing” are the themes for this year’s dynamic September festival of dance, music and, an...

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 03/03/2011

pass it on

Act Now to Double Arts Funding

Don’t just wish Oregon arts a happy new year; fill our cultural coffers before the 31st, to ensure it!

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 12/28/2010

phile under: theater

Review: The Little Prince

Shaking The Tree presents The Little Prince, a delicate allegory that’s never been just for kids.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 10/25/2010

phile under: gallery

Shine A Light

Portland Art Museum

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 10/15/2010
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