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Fall Getaways: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Fall was made for long weekends. As the sun settles lower and lower in our sky and thanksgiving comes into view on the horizon, there’s no better time to escape the city and savor the few quiet, crisp weekends of autumn.

  • By Eleanor R. Brown, Martin Patail, Rachel Ritchie, Zach Dundas, Brian Barker, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 09/19/2011
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Eat Outside

Since you're going out to eat anyway, why not take it a step further? Our guide to fresh-air feasting has the lowdown on the best places to see the "*skyline*":/eat-and-drink/articles/portland-rooftop-dining-august-2011/, the "*waterline*":/eat-and-drink/

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 07/22/2011
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Forest Park Guide

Forest Park is a natural treasure that's worth playing in and protecting.

  • By Brian Barker
  • Published 06/29/2011
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70 Ways to Discover the Oregon Coast

From north to south, we've picked the coastal treasures worth a visit.

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 05/25/2011
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Portland’s Greatest Homes

From 19th-century Victorians to modernist ranches, our jury of experts debated the merits of architectural styles, design, and craftsmanship. Bask in the architectural wonder, as we take you on a virtual tour of Portland’s finest residential structures, a

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 03/11/2011
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Portland Monthly Presents

Private Schools Guide 2011

Finding the right hallowed hall for your child isn’t an easy process. But we can help you get started with stats on more than 100 area private schools, and profiles of 12 that are excelling in everything from science to community service.

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 01/19/2011
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50 Reasons To Love Winter

Do Portland's dark months have you feeling blue? Let us and "*Heidi, the new Timberline puppy*":/travel-and-outdoors/articles/meet-heidi-december-2010/, come to the rescue with 50 great ways to ward off the wet and chill. Consider it your personal guide t

  • By Brian Barker
  • Published 12/15/2010
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Cover Story

Best Bars

Sipping Spots for Every Occasion

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 11/17/2010
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Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants 2010

A handful of Portland restaurateurs have helped make local cuisine a driving force in Portland life and a magnet for the foodies of the world. "*Evolution of the Revolution*":/eat-and-drink/articles/2010-best-restaurants-revolution-1110/ Eight venues

  • By Karen Brooks and Mike Thelin
  • Published 10/08/2010
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Wine Country Weekends

Whether you're a seasoned explorer, or even a Willamette Valley vino newbie, we've got the travel tips.

  • By Hannah Wallace
  • Published 09/14/2010
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Food Cart City

Portland's ever-expanding constellations of food carts have made us one of the top destinations in the world for street fare. From "the primo pods":/eat-and-drink/articles/carts-mississippi-0910/ to "roving taco trucks":/eat-and-drink/articles/carts-mobil

  • By Rachel Ritchie, Zach Dundas, and Randy Gragg
  • Published 08/17/2010
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63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

We're all aware of the fact that, as a city, Portland has a lot to offer. But, unlike other cities, what Portland has to offer is decidedly _weird_. If you want to fit in, you've got to learn "where to shop":/style-and-shopping/articles/must-do-shop-0810/

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 07/14/2010
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Get Out!

Need to get away for a day or a weekend? Kick off your shoes (then put them back on) and let Portland Monthly make the decision of what to do and where to go on your wilderness vay-cay. We've dug up 30 spectacular spots for your next trip to the outdoors.

  • By Kasey Cordell
  • Published 05/17/2010
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Fun 101

Your Family’s Ultimate Guide to Summer

Ready for a summer with the kids? The trick is to find activities that don't include vegging out in front of the TV or sleeping till noon. To keep their minds engaged and their muscles developing we've got 46 solutions to the doldrums, from bird watching

  • By Rachel Ritchie and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 04/19/2010
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Great Neighborhoods

Taking the Long View

We're looking beyond the gloom and seeing light at the end of the tunnel in the Portland housing market. Our annual Real Estate issue spotlights "*the neighborhoods that have retained consistent property values*":/real-estate/articles/real-estate-best-nei

  • By Brian Barker
  • Published 03/19/2010
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The Food Lovers’ Guide

We take our food seriously here in the Rose City, so it pays to know— where it grows, where to find it, and how to prepare it. Our indispensable Food Lovers Guide...

  • By Kaitlyn Evans, Martin Patail, Eva Hagberg, and Mike Thelin
  • Published 02/15/2010
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Top Doctors 2010

We asked 5,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses chosen at random from throughout the tri-county area and southern Washington to participate in compiling this. "*Our comprehensive list of Portland's best doctors*":/health-and-fitness/articles/health-top-docs-0110/

  • Published 12/11/2009
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Mt. Hood

As the temperatures dip towards freezing, that big A-shaped peak to the east, Mt. Hood, calls to Portlanders. We've put together a guide that highlights 23 of the mountain's most essential experiences.

  • By Kelly O'Connor, Rachel Ritchie, Christopher Van Tilburg, Brian Barker, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 11/09/2009
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Best Restaurants 2009

Portland restaurants persevered and prospered despite the economic climate this past year as foodie entrepreneurs showed Portland and the country that a memorable meal can be savored in many places in many ways: on linen-topped tables, in a strip mall, or

  • By Eva Hagberg and Mike Thelin
  • Published 10/09/2009
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Explore Hidden Oregon

From the sprawling emptiness of southeastern Oregon to the rough tranquility of the Oregon Coast, the state is ripe for exploring. No matter where you're going to, there are some lesser-known gems that can't be missed. We've found 30 such adventures.

  • By Rachel Ritchie, Brian Barker, Randy Gragg, and Kasey Cordell
  • Published 09/11/2009
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